A versatile instrument for every measurement

Picomeasure PM-2 employs the strength and versatality of microfluidic cantilevers to perform a large variety of measurements on picoliters volumes of various chemicals. PM-2 is a fully portable and customisable which can facilitate experimental research in various areas of science, pharmaceuticals and life sciences.

Excellent platform to study fundamental science through MEMS resonators

Microfluidic cantilevers are very robust and versatile sensors to study fundemantal processes in physics, engineering, biology and chemistry. The measurements are performed at very small scale therefore, each experiments helps explore new aspects in fundamental science. Whether it is polymer analysis or studying antimicobial resistance, Picomeasure can provide a great value to a research lab in academia as well as industry.

Percision engineering

Picomeasure is built upon strict standards of engineering. A combination of functional design and precision engineering in optics, machining, electronics and mechanics, it is very convenient to achieve fast results from differet experiments.

A compact chip

A 5mm x 5mm microchip enables a convenient handeling to perform research using a microfluidic cantilever. Based on requirements, each chip contains one or two microfluidic cantilevers, along with their inlet/outlet ports. The microchips can be easily mounted in a Picomeasure where a resonator work free from ambient noise.

Powerful software

Picomeasure is operatred through a dektop software, Picoacquire, which enables an automated operation of data acquisition and post processing. The software enables data acquisition as fast as 25 ms. It can keep a long log for resonance frequency and static deflection for microfluidic cantilevers.

A Canadian brand

Fourien Inc. is based in Canada, thus delivering a very strong Canadian brand throughout the world. We get an excellent environment to manufacture technology and conduct business which is also reflected in te quality of our products. Our talented team has a potention for continuous innovation and robust developmen of our technology. Thus we offer a strong potention to server needs of our customers through our standard as well as fully customised products