Our microchip can bring rapid analyses, lower cost and higher convenience for applications in life sciences.

We started research in 2009, in order to develop a technology which could characterize minute volumes of expensive reagents by studying them at their most fundamental level. After eight years of continuous innovation, we came up with a chip which can fit on a finger tip. In functionality, it replaces four standard instruments in an analytical lab. When all functions are combined, it becomes a versatile tool to analyze bacteria, polymers, etc. Scroll down to know more...

Analysing bio reagents at fundamental level

We look at four fundamental properties of bio samples to reveal their true nature!


Provides information about physical structure of an analyte in the microchip!


Determines molecular structure of an analyte inside the microchip!

Chemical Composition

Helps in finding chemical structure using interaction of light with an analyte

Heat Capacity

Measures thermal nature of a sample inside the microchip!

A technology well supported by scientific research!


We have already explored various applications of the our microchips. Below are some of the ideas:

Analysing drug-protein binding

Characterizing minute amounts of expensive reagents such as proteins, DNA, body fluids

Measuring susceptibility of bacteria against a specific drug

Measuring concentration of drug in a body fluid such as blood or urine

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