Multifunction chip

Using well established semiconductor fabrication technology, cicrofluidic cantilevers are manufactured on 5mm x 5mm silicon chips. The fabrication of these chips is done in class 100 cleanrooms where a large batch of upto 5000 chips is processed at a time. The mass production enables us achieving high quality, more consistent fabrication and low cost/chip. Each chip is fully compatible with Picomeasure instrument.

Microfluidic cantilevers

Microfluidic cantilevers are very effective tools for analytical measurements of bio reagents. The cantilevers can provide data related to their resonance frequency, resonance ampitude and static deflection. A continuous monitoring of these parameters provide information such as density, viscosity, chemical composition and thermal properties of the reagents, loaded inside the microfluidic cantilevers.

Microfluidic Channels

Manufacturing of micro and nanofludicis channels is one of our core competencies. The channels are made of different materials and dimensions, well suited to different needs of our customers working in optics, photonics, MEMS, microfluidics, etc.

Customized structures

Having full control on manufacturing of the microfluidic channels and resonators, we can incorporate different types of structures in the channels. These structures enable different niche applications, which are generally expensive to undertake using conventional analytical technologies. Dimensions of these structures can be controlled from tens of nanomwters to tens of micrometers.

Picoliter pipettes

Picoliter pipettes are examples of successful customization of microfluidic cantilevers. The sample dlivery arm is just a free-release cantilever which can be inserted into confined spaces using our micrometer translational stages.